Analysis for Animaniacs...

The show first aired on September 13, 1993 on Fox Kids. So, when I first watched the show, it quickly became one of my favorites. I instantly knew I'd be a fan of it, but not as big as a fan as AnimaniacsRealFan1. I watched it daily in July (alongside Tiny Toons, which wasn't as special) at 8am. I think the first episode I watched was Episode 45. I recorded part of it with my 3DS Camera, but somehow it got deleted. I only watched the second segment, though. The good thing is I increasingly liked it more and more. Then I watched it every day in July.

On November 29, 2013, I saw the two Christmas episodes. They were fun and well-thought-out, and I really liked the Bible part. I like how Wakko plays the Little Drummer Boy, but also his siblings, Yakko and Dot, dancing to the music. The ox and lamb kept time. It was all so fun!

A week after, I thought that would be the last time I'd see Animaniacs. The last episode I could get on DVR was Episode Two. It was taken up by the little G.I. Joe and other action series. But in January 2014, the show had returned, this time at noon! If it wasn't for Hub Network skipping episodes, I would've got them all on DVR. But I got 93 episodes, at least (I had to get rid of two, though).

In October 2014, I found that they canceled the show. No! It couldn't be! Tiny Toons was still on! Why not Animaniacs?! That was about as educational as the other crap! I constantly search to see if it's still on, but no! It was gone!

In my experience, Animaniacs is truly the best TV show in history. :-)