Ok, yes, I have created another Mink character. So, sue me. 

But this is also fanon so...

IMG 1744

Questions to ask Meredith

How old are you?

"U-um...18 y-years old...?" 

What's your appearance?

"W-white fur, um, um, long strawberry blonde hair, uh, I also have the same colored tail, lilac eyes. You can find me, I-I mean, you can't find me. Mainly...mainly because I'm usually wearing something that doesn't attract too much attention" 

Who's your favorite Animaniacs character?

" it okay to say I don't have a favorite?" 

What about your least?

"No offense, b-but Dot. She kinda scares me" 

What's your ideal trend of fashion?

"Maybe something casual. Like jeans, T-shirts, hoodies. I-I mean, anything that doesn't attract attention because...I do bad when people are staring at me" 

What type of guys are attractive in your opinion?

"The nice guys that blush at the mention of a comment. I turn to mush. Uh...y-yea" 

What about body builders?

"THOSE GUYS?! Eep!" *hides under a table* 

When you see your crush, how do you flirt with him?

"Uh, I, can't actually...flirt. I try, but my mouth goes dry and I forget every word in the english language" 

What talents do you possess?

"Anything with art; drawing, painting, you name it. B-but I can sing a little too. I just don't...I have stage fright" 

What if you were locked in a tower waiting for your Prince to come?

"Uh, m-maybe keep myself occupied...? Is that a good answer?" 

What do you think of Newt the Dog?


Any last words you wanna say before you take off?