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Animaniacs: Wakko's Wish is the first DVD release for the Wakko's Wish film, and its first overall home media release since the original VHS from 1999-2000. It was first released on October 7, 2014 in North America, and has since been re-issued numerous times.


A Magical, Musical Adventure - Animaniacs Style!

The outrageously zany Yakko, Wakko and their sister Dot star in this feature-length animated adventure full of song-filled, joke-stuffed Animaniacs mayhem. Life is not the same in the little village of Acme Falls. The once-cheerful villagers are being taxed to the extreme by the greedy Baron Von Plotz. To make matters worse, Dot has fallen ill and needs medical attention. Out of options, Wakko wishes upon a star. His wish is granted, but with a catch - he must find the fallen star and touch it for his wish to come true. Word gets out about the lucky star, and the race is on! Pinky and the Brain, Slappy and Skippy Squirrel, Mindy and Buttons and many more well-known Animaniacs costars hit the road to animated pandemonium as they sprint to reach the star first. Join the hilarious hustle and your wildest wish will come true - an abundance of Animaniacs mania!


The entirety of the film is collected on one disc.

Special Features

  • Barring previews, there are no real special features to be found on this set.


  • Although this set's official description says it only works on region 1 players, it has been reported to also work on players from regions 3 (due to the inclusion of Thai language options) and 4 (due to the Portuguese and Spanish language options).
  • Much like the Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain: The Complete Series set released earlier in 2014, this set confines to WB's early-2010's "uniform" menu layouts. Most menus have generic colored-backgrounds except for the home menu, which has the DVD's cover art as the background image.
  • The aspect ratio of the menus vary from the different displays viewers watch the discs on (for example, a 4:3 display such as a CRT TV would result in a 4:3 menu).
  • This movie is later re-issued as part of the Animaniacs: The Complete Series DVD set in 2018.


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