Wakko Warner
Wakko Warner
Full Name Wakko Warner
Segment Yakko, Wakko, and Dot, Wakko's Wish,
First Episode De-Zanitized
Voice Actor Jess Harnell
Catchphrases "Hellooo Nurse!"
"Can we call you Dadoo?"
"Potty emergency!"

Wakko's signature.

Wakko Warner is one of the three main protagonists in the TV series Animaniacs. He is the middle child of the Warner siblings, and the goofball of the three. He wears a red baseball cap along with a blue turtleneck. As a symbol of his wackiness, his tongue occasionally hangs out of his mouth.


Wakko is most known for his black-hole belly, having the ability to eat a truck-load of food without breaking a sweat, as seen in the intro. Albeit in Meatballs or Consequences, he's proven to have a breaking point. Wakko speaks with a British accent.

Wakko is mild mannered and polite, but very physical, more so than his other two siblings. When provoked he is known to either bring out a wooden mallet and bonking the person on the head, or dropping an anvil on them instead.

Despite his goofball behavior, Wakko is very thoughtful and sweet. For example, in Wakko's Wish he traveled far away for over a year to work in order to pay for Dot's operation, and when he loses the penny, he dedicates his wish to being able to afford it instead. He is also shown to be extremely clever, tricking a dollar-store salesman into giving him everything in the store for one dollar and being able to create complex projects out of boredom.(just kidding, he literally understands that everything costs one dollar) overall hes the least intelligent of the trio.


His relationship with his siblings is like any other, they tease and mock each other but they still care for each other deeply.

In Wakko's Wish, he travels around the world to find a shooting star to get the money to have Dot get her operation.

Also, he and Yakko and usually associated together.


Wakko has appeared in every episode.



  • Wakko Warner's quieter nature, gaggy bag and gookie are derived from Harpo Marx of the Marx Brothers.
  • Wakko's accent is based on people from the city of Liverpool, UK. People from this city are often known as "scousers". His accent is modeled on The Beatles but most notably Ringo Starr.
  • Wakko has been shown to be similar to Yakko when his hat is taken off (only briefly in a few episodes like with No Pain, No Painting, the Senses song, The Warners and The Beanstalk, Chalkboard Bungle, Yakko Warner's World Of Baldness and in Wakko's Wish), the only difference being his face is more circular and he has a messy tuft of hair as well.
    Wakko's Gizmo

    Wakko's Gizmo

  • Wakko, though he's silly without a doubt, is also extremely talented. He apparently frequently creates Rube Goldberg machines just for fun and to achieve the simplest tasks (fart jokes and brushing his teeth, as examples.)
  • Wakko was originally going to be two separate characters, Wakky and Smakky.
  • Wakko, like his siblings, can play many different instruments. The one he is seen playing the most, though, are the drums.
  • Wakko's burps are actually done by Maurice LaMarche (voice of the Brain & Squit).
  • In Clown And Out, Wakko is coulrophobic (or afraid of clowns), which is shared with Warner Bros. CEO Thaddeus Plotz.
  • In the song Hello Nurse, he's said to be seven. In an interview with Tom Ruegger, however, he states that he's actually eleven. This was to keep the rhyme in the song, as "eleven" has too many syllables to rhyme with "heaven".
  • In the 2020 reboot, Wakko is the same height as Buster Bunny.


  • ”Faboo!”
  • ”Excuse me.”
  • ”I’m confused.”
  • ”I have to potty!”
  • ”No I’m Wakko!”-The Freakazoid (Freakazoid episode)
  • ”Oh it’s okay, Steven loves it when we do stuff like this. After all Animaniacs is his favorite.”-The Freakazoid (Freakazoid episode)
  • ”Hey I can‘t help it if girls find me irresistible.”-Cutie and the Beast
  • ”Do we have to?..........You mean?........AHHHHHHHH!”(When Yakko told him and Dot about going through the dark woods and if they don’t , then they’ll hear another one of Dot’s vain songs)-Cutie and the Beast
  • ”Can we call you Dadoo?”
  • ”Oh poo!”
  • ”I’m her sister, I came along cause I couldn’t get a date!”-Magic Time
  • ”Ha! Fooled ya didn’t we?”-Wakko‘s Wish
  • ”Helooo nurse!” (just as frequent as Yakko)
  • ”Banana Folana! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!”-Cutie and the Beast
  • ”Hi....I’m Wakko Warner and I dont have any numbers like that, but I believe that the moon is made out of nutmeg!”-From Burbank with Love
  • (chanting with his Yakko) “Funny Money! Hey Funny Money!”-From Burbank with Love
  • ”Sorry I filled the tank up with kangaroo gas, ha ha ha ha ha.”-From Burbank with Love
  • ”I‘ve got a package for you!? Excuse me!?.....Yeah but I never said package.”-The Sound of Warners
  • ”I‘ve got to get rid of her! I can’t take it!” (then charges out of the room with a mallet)-The Sound of Warners
  • ”I never get to get it!”-Temporary Insanity
  • ”Okay let him do it.”-From Burbank with Love
  • ”Excuse me, how much is this?”-Ten Short Films about Wakko
  • ”Anybody for sushi?”-Anchors A-Warners
  • ”Does Cher know your borrowing it?”-Morning Malaise
  • ”That’s not a burp.......(belches)......that’s a burp!”-Morning Malaise
  • ”Nah I have a date................I got a date so SUE me!”-The Cold Ending
  • ”Voice director who’s that?........Her? I HATE HER!”-The Cold Ending
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