Wakko Warner

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Full Name Wakko Warner
Segment Yakko, Wakko, and Dot, Wakko's Wish,
First Episode De-Zanitized
Voice Actor Jess Harnell
Brock Baker (singing double, revival)
Boris Shuvalov (Russian dub)
Catchphrases "Hellooo Nurse!"
"Can we call you Dadoo?"
"Potty emergency!"

"I'll blow the wad!!"
Wakko Warner, Wakko's America

"Wakko packs away the snacks"
Theme Song

Wakko's signature.


Wakko Warner Wakko Warner is one of the three main protagonists of the TV series Animaniacs. He is the middle child of the Warner siblings, and the oddball of the three. He wears a red baseball cap along with a blue sweater. In the revival he has grown a small tuft of hair on the top of his head (a smaller version of his hair tuft was briefly seen in the original show during The Senses Song.) As a symbol of his wackiness, his tongue occasionally hangs out of his mouth.


Wakko is intelligent, sweet-natured, kind, caring, optimistic and quirky. Wakko is a trickster like his siblings but he is easily the most polite out of the Warners. Despite his good-nature, Wakko uses violence more than his siblings, both as a reflex and as a conscious choice.

Wakko has been shown to be slightly less knowledgeable than his siblings in regard to business in Episode 95: Hooray for North Hollywood (Part 1), but he learns quickly, showing intelligence close to that of his siblings. Wakko has a less centralized theme than his siblings surrounding his character. This is because the most major thing about his character is that he has quirky characteristics. Wakko has a British accent, and in Episode 91: Message in a Bottle/Back in Style/Bones in the Body, he ate a rock. Wakko seems to have slightly less confidence and a less refined charisma than his siblings because of this.

In Wakko's Wish, his hope is part of the reason why the tyrannical ruler of the land had been replaced.


  • The times that Wakko is acting weirder then usual (like the time he tried to run up the down escalator) are usually excused by his siblings, Yakko and Dot, as just his version of "middle child syndrome".
  • Wakko Warner's quieter nature, magical gag bag and gookie are derived from Harpo Marx of the Marx Brothers.
  • Wakko's voice and drumming are inspired by Ringo Starr, aka Richard Starkey.
  • Wakko has been shown to be similar to Yakko when his hat is taken off (only briefly in a few episodes like with No Pain, No Painting, the Senses song, The Warners and The Beanstalk, Chalkboard Bungle, Yakko Warner's World Of Baldness and in Wakko's Wish), the only difference being his face is more circular and he has a messy tuft of hair as well.
  • Wakko was originally going to be two separate characters, Wakky and Smakky.
  • Wakko's burps are actually done by Maurice LaMarche (voice of The Brain & Squit).
  • In Clown And Out, Wakko is coulrophobic (or afraid of clowns), which is shared with Warner Bros. CEO Thaddeus Plotz.
  • In the song Hello Nurse, he's said to be 7. In an interview with Tom Ruegger, however, Ruegger states that he's actually 11-years-old. This was to keep the rhyme in the song, as "eleven" has too many syllables to rhyme with "heaven".
  • He hates the voice director, Andrea Romano.
  • Wakko is the same height as Buster Bunny.
  • Wakko is hypoglycemic (mentioned in Kid in the Lid), which explains his appetite and the plot of the episode Potty Emergency
  • In the 65th episode of the original series ("The Warners 65th Anniversary Special") Wakko was revealed to have directed his own cartoon short "Yankee Doodle Warners", which is mostly him playing Yankee Doodle on his armpits while his siblings march along... Thaddeus Plotz hated it so much that he cancelled the Warner siblings acting contract thus causing a chain reaction that lead to the three of them being locked in the Water Tower they came to call home. When Wakko offered to play the armpit tune again during the anniversary party and award ceremony held in honor of the siblings, it was clear from the awkward silence that the audience still didn't find that gag amusing.
  • In the 2020 revival, Wakko and his siblings seem to have left the tower for currently unknown reasons after the events of The Scoring Session.
  • Some fans speculate that Wakko may be nonbinary- in a comic panel, he states his gender as "Other", though the reasons for this is simply to get into Noah's ark without breaking the "one of each gender" rule. He continues to use he/him pronouns, and the reboot does not address this, but negative continuity is a staple of the show.
  • Wakko is also 5% salamander.
  • Although Wakko's fear of clowns caused him to send one to Mars on his birthday in "Clown and Out", it is revealed in the 2020 revival Halloween episode "Fear and Loathing in Burbank" that the one clown he isn't afraid of is a soul-sucking It parody named Nickelwise... a fact that indirectly hints at the middle Warner's eccentric yet disturbing social tastes.

Comic page addressing Wakko's gender.


  • ”Faboo!” (When Wakko finds something interesting)
  • ”Excuse me.”
  • ”I’m confused.”
  • ”I have to potty!”
  • ”No, I’m Wakko!”-The Freakazoid (Freakazoid episode)
  • ”Oh it’s okay, Steven loves it when we do stuff like this. After all Animaniacs is their favorite.”-The Freakazoid (Freakazoid episode)
  • ”Hey I can‘t help it if girls find me irresistible.”-Cutie and the Beast
  • ”Do we have to?..........You mean?........AHHHHHHHH!” (When Yakko told him and Dot about going through the dark woods and if he doesn’t , then he’ll hear another one of Dot’s vain songs)-Cutie and the Beast
  • ”Oh poo!”
  • ”I’m her sister, I came along cause I couldn’t get a date!”-Magic Time
  • ”Ha! Fooled ya didn’t we?”-Wakko‘s Wish
  • ”Hello, nurse!” (just as frequent as Yakko)
  • ”Banana Folana! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!”-Cutie and the Beast
  • ”Hi....I’m Wakko Warner and I dont have any numbers like that, but I believe that the moon is made out of nutmeg!”-From Burbank with Love
  • (chanting with their Yakko) “Funny Money! Hey Funny Money!”-From Burbank with Love
  • ”Sorry I filled the tank up with kangaroo gas, ha ha ha.”-From Burbank with Love
  • ”I‘ve got a package for you!? Excuse me!?.....Yeah but I never said package.”-The Sound of Warners
  • ”I‘ve got to get rid of her! I can’t take it!” (then charges out of the room with a mallet)-The Sound of Warners
  • ”I never get to get it!”-Temporary Insanity
  • ”Okay let them do it.”-From Burbank with Love
  • ”Excuse me, how much is this?”-Ten Short Films about Wakko
  • ”Anybody for sushi?”-Anchors A-Warners
  • ”Watch out! Duck in comet! Duck in comet!-Morning Malaise
  • ”Does Cher know you're borrowing it?”-Morning Malaise
  • ”That’s not a burp...(belches loudly)...that’s a burp!”-Morning Malaise
  • ”Nah, I have a date...I got a date so SUE me!”-The Cold Ending
  • ”Voice director, who’s that? Her? I HATE HER!”-The Cold Ending
  • "One time Randy Beaman's grandparents got stuck in an elevator.... but they were in there so long they became skeleton people." - Ups and Downs
  • "My sandwich, just where I left it."-Suspended Animation
  • "Yeah, but when we sell out, we know we're selling out. So it's cool." - Suspended Animation


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