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"Wakkov's Territories of Russian Federation" is a parody of "Wakko's America" from the episode "Anima-nyet." It is sung by Wakkov.


Georgia is Russian, so is Ukraine
Kosovo, Armenia, still have Lithuan...ia.
Crimean Peninsula is Russian all the way
And our global sphere of influence extends to USA!


  • Almost everything in this song is technically incorrect (most likely intentional):
    • Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia, and Lithuania all broke apart from the Soviet Union in 1991 AD, and Russians are an ethnic minority in their countries, so they are not Russian. Kosovo was never part of the Soviet Union. It was formerly part of Serbia, which used to be part of Yugoslavia (which also broke up in 1991 AD), though some countries (including Serbia) don't recognize it as a country (Resolution 1244).
    • Crimea is de facto part of Russia. However, this was done after a referendum done in only Crimea, which was declared illegal by international law and thus the referendum was declared illegitimate by western countries.