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Wally Llama is the all-knowing sage who debuts in the eponymous episode of the original Animaniacs. He is antagonized by Yakko, Wakko, and Dot Warner; who are desperately seeking answers from him.

Wally Llama was voiced by Richard Libertini.


Wally Llama is a white, anthropomorphic llama with blue tinted pince-nez glasses, a large fluffy beard, and white floppy ears (pink on the inside). He also has brown eyebrows, black hooves, blue eyes (with black pupils), a red robe, and a pointed red and black hat. He also appears to have less than 32 teeth.


Wally Llama is an wise, old monk, playing into the stereotype of a mythological or biblical wise man. When in the public eye, Wally acts as a non-threatening, calm, and understanding individual who would love nothing more than to answer people's questions. In reality, however, he is an irritable old goat with very low patience. He has a very short tolerance for vapid, nonsensical questions, or ones he would perceive as dumb or unnecessary. Wally also seems to be egotistical and slightly narcissistic -- this is shown after the Warners entice him to answer their question by challenging his intellect.



Prior to his debut appearance, Wally Llama had been established as the wise sage of advice who lived in a picturesque temple atop Mount Gesundheit in the Himalayas.

Animaniacs (Original Series)

One day, after a session with Shirley MacLaine, Wally decides that he needs a break from answering people's questions. He attempts to settle down for the day and relax. Unfortunately, this coincides with the arrival of the Warner siblings, who had traveled across the world to ask him a very important question.

After harassing him for several minutes, they convince him to answer their question: "Why do hot dogs come in packages of ten, and hot dog buns come in packages of eight?", which drives him to insanity after not knowing the answer.

Wally later appears in "Dot - The Macadamia Nut," where he dances to the Macadamia song with the rest of the Animaniacs cast.


Animaniacs (Original Series)


  • Wally Llama is a parody of the Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Buddhism.
  • Despite Wally Llama refusing to answer the Warners' question, he actually both directly and indirectly answers three of their questions:
    • When attempting to escape the Warners by meditating, he directly answers both of Yakko's questions:
      1. Yakko: "What are ya' doin'?"
      2. Wally: "Hiding from the puppy children."
      3. Yakko: "Puppy children?"
      4. Wally: "Ah, golly yes. They have long ears, like that, and beady black eyes, like that, and white faces like a spooky clown."
    • He also indirectly answers another question to Dot in her taxi driver disguise, under the preface that he refuses to answer it:
      1. Taxi Driver: "Where to, Mac?"
      2. Wally: "That is a question, and I'm not answering it! Just... drive!"