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Wally Llama

,Wally Llama is a character in Animaniacs

He appears in the episode, Wally Llama/Where Rodents Dare.

The Warners come to see him to ask them a very important question.


He is a white anthropomorphic llama with blue contact lenses, a large fluffy beard, and white ears (pink on the inside). He also has brown eyebrows, black hooves, blue eyes (with black pupils), a red robe, and a pointed red/black hat.

Wally meditating

Hiding from the puppy children

He also appears to have less than 32 teeth.

Dot: Your mouth may say no...

Wakko: But your eyes say yes!



At least 6 people recognize him as the smartest being on Earth. He is, however, irritable (his first wild take happens extremely early in the cartoon). Verrrrry irritable; he does extremely many wild takes, at least by the standards of a 7 minute cartoon. Allow me to point them out: 

  1. The bit where the Warners do that strange dance, after they say "Wally Wally Llama, our quest
    • My what big eyes you have (1)
    • My what a big nose you have (4)
    ion's answer please"
  2. The part where they start kissing Wally
  3. When he realizes the Warners are meditating too
  4. After Dot tells him that they aren't actually puppies
  5. After he hears the question, he does at least 4 wild takes (Why do hot dogs come in packages of 10 and hot dogs buns come in packages of 8?)

Still, he's quite calm, aside from these incidents.

He also adamantly refuses to answer any questions. Despite this, he answers Yakko while he's meditating.

Yakko: Whatcha doin?

Wally: Hiding from the puppy children.

Yakko: Puppy children?

Wally: Ah, god yes. They have long ears, like that, and beady black eyes, like that, and white faces like a spooky clown. And... DAHHHH!

Yakko: Where to, mac?

Wally: That's a question, and I'm not answering it! Just... drive! Terrible... puppy children... after me...

(Wally pauses)

Dot: Hey, we're not puppies!

(Wally starts making strange monkey noises)

Where he lives

He lives in a picturesque temple atop Mount Gesundheit in the Himalayas Mountains. (Now how did a German word work its way into the name of an Asian landmark?) The Himalayas are the highest mountains on Earth, with a lot of snow everywhere. However, Mount Gesundheit has a large amount of stone on it (not to mention the large amounts of fog), including a winding staircase to an ornate castle made of mostly blue, with a heading above its door, on it engraved the name of its resident in large blue letters, along with a cluster of astronomical signs. Immediately past the door is a candlelit blue hallway, lined with banners and arches, with a green floor and blue carpet with yellow outline, along with an unpainted wooden door leaden to the Meditation Room (as stated by engraved letters above) that opens automatically upon the presence of Wally Llama. Inside the Meditation Room is a tripod and at least 3 spotlights, along with at least 4 doors. Hanging above the cushion in the center of the room is a rope, which when pulled will make a TV pop out from under the green floor tile.

Somehow, there is also a taxi route through the bottom of Mount Gesundheit.

I would like to explain why there are 4 doors; assume the door he comes in from first to be Door A, and in a northerly position relating to the center of the room. Then, the second door would be in a southwesterly position, because Wally does not come from the same camera angle the second time as Door A; we know this because the TV is still there, and it would be inconvenient to have two TVs because there is only one rope. The third door is seen to be in an easterly position relating to the cushion, but Wally never goes through it. So, the audience may infer that Door A is between the other two doors, and to get to Door A from the southwestern door quickest one must move clockwise. Since he moved clockwise, he would have hit Door A first. But he didn't, because the hallway behind Door A has banners and the door he opened didn't. So logically, there was another door between Door A and the southwest door. This of course excludes a few outlandish assumptions.

  • There is not a door at the southwesterly position, but instead an amenity at which Wally likes to stop. This would cut it down to a minimum of 2 doors.
  • He did stop at Door A, but that scene was cut for some reason.
  • He skipped Door A because of some perceived advantage of going to the east door instead.
  • An interior decorator removed the banners from Door A before he gets there after he first walks through it.

Dot: We have journeyed 8000 miles through rain, sleet and snow.

Wakko: I got sick in Phoenix.


His voice actor is Richard Libertini
Front of taxi


Back of taxi



  • Wally Llama is a parody of the Dali Lama.
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