Walter Wolf

Walter has an idea!

Infant Walter Wolf

Walter Wolf as an infant

Walter Wolf's Feminine Look

Walter Wolf's feminine look

Walter John Wolf (aka Walter J Wolf or Walter Wolf) is Slappy Squirrel's biggest arch-enemy and the main antagonist in the Slappy Squirrel segment, often trying to defeat Slappy by suing her (...And Justice for Slappy) or faking his death to do a sneak attack at Slappy (Rest in Pieces ), but he always fails in his plans. Sometimes, he teams up with Slappy's other long-time foes, like Sid the Squid and Beanie the Brain-Dead Bison. His grandson is Stephen Wolf (...And Justice For Slappy). He was voiced by Frank Welker in his first appearance and Jess Harnell in the rest of his appearances. Both actors gave Walter a Yiddish accent. He is the most prominent antagonist that has appeared in the Slappy Squirrel segment.

In the comics, it was revealed he was the star of a TV show that only lasted for 8 episodes, with Slappy Squirrel as his sidekick.


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