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"Just for fun, we run around the Warner movie lot!"
Yakko, Wakko, and Dot Warner - Animaniacs theme song

The Warner Bros. Studios is the Studio Lot and the production site of movies and series of Warner Bros.

In the Animaniacs Universe[]

Throughout the Animaniacs franchise, the Studio Lot the setting of a few of the Warners' adventures, and the site of the towering Water Tower that the Warners call home. The studio lot encompasses all property belonging to Warner Bros. (including a School) but is also implied to extend past the gate. Numerous movie sets and soundstages can be seen throughout the lot. Deep within the lot lie abandoned sets and soundstage buildings, partially re-claimed by nature. Mr. Director once filmed his film The Wretched Clown here, a film which went infamously over-budget due to Mr. Director's crazy behavior and overly-large ambitions.[note 1] The size and layout of the lot can often change depending on the episode.


  • The overall design aesthetics of the Animaniacs tower and studio lot influenced the Kids' WB! studio lot branding aesthetics, with some slight design differences (such as a Kids WB! shield adorning the tower). These aesthetics would remain even long after the Animaniacs franchise left the network (with some modifications being done such as a different sky color).
  • Though Wakko's Wish is set in a different time period, the lot itself can be briefly seen through the office windows during Mr. Director's "Oh, Lady!" song.


Animaniacs (Original Series) and Pinky and the Brain[]

Animaniacs (Reboot)[]


  1. As seen in "Hearts of Twilight."


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