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Warnerstock and Tictockia's location on the Warner World - on the borders of Germany and France.

Warnerstock is the main location and home of the Warners in Wakko's Wish. It was taken over by Tictockia and their evil king named Salazar the Pushy. Before the evil king became king, it was ruled by The Warner sibs' parents, King William the Good and his unnamed queen. After the king took over, many citizens became poor, but at the end of the film the Warners reclaimed the throne and became the rightful rulers.

Among the many cities and towns in the kingdom, the town of Acme Falls is located here.


It is a vast kingdom containing a large Medieval-looking city, as well as several fields, forests and valleys. The houses are a combination of Medieval and Tudor designs too.


Being a kingdom, the government is a monarchy, but whether or not it is an absolute monarchy or a constitutional monarchy is unknown. Unlike most kingdoms however, Warnerstock is ruled by a coregency (consisting of all three Warner siblings) after Salazar is forcibly deposed.


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