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Weed Memlo poster

A Weed Memlo poster hanging inside the Water Tower. ("Wakko's Gizmo")

Weed Memlo was the director of most of the Buddy, Warners and Slappy Squirrel cartoons.


In 1929, Weed was known to direct the "Buddy" cartoons, but when he saw that one of the "Buddy" cartoons were so boring, he asked Lon Borax to draw new characters and he did (which causes him to go insane) and Weed took the finished cartoon and showed it to Thaddeus Plotz who, at the time, was the front office of Warner Bros. Studios. Despite the weird nature of the cartoon, Plotz told Memlo to put the Warners in a series of '"Buddy/Warner" cartoons. After Buddy was fired by Plotz, Weed directed the four Warner cartoon series gived by Plotz. But he soon grew a hatred for the Warners due to Wakko eating the scenery and the Warners' antics. After working with the Warners, Weed quit the show and directed hygiene movies for the navy (in which he won an award for "How to Shampoo" and the sequel "How to Rinse".)


  • His name is possibly a tribute to silent film director Fred Niblo.
  • Weed's line, "If you need me, I'll be at the Smokehouse," references a favorite haunt of the Animaniacs writers, across the street from the Warner Bros. lot in Burbank.[1]
  • In the credits to The Warners' 65th Anniversary Special, the “Memlo Memorial Archive” is listed under “Special Thanks”.
  • In the intro for the cartoon "From Burbank with Love," Weed is mentioned as one of the people involved with making the production.