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What a Mouse is a song from the forty-first episode of the Pinky and the Brain spin-off.


This song plays at the start of act three of the episode. The Brain, who goes by his stage name Brainatra, sings at a crowded boxing match at Brain’s Palace, where he is dubbed The Big Event. Brainatra is dressed in his signature black fedora, a purple robe, and a pair of red boxing gloves. As he reaches the chorus, there is a scene transition of the various records Brainatra recorded: Come Worship Me, Swingin’ World Domination Hits, Come Bow Before Me, Nice ‘N’ Cheesy, Songs to Surrender By, and Ol’ Pink Eyes is Back.


The Brain (Brainatra):
I’ll tie the world up in rope,
Stick it in a closet,
Slide some food under the door!
What a plan, what a planet,
I’m in charge!
I’ll fill the oceans with soap,
Watch the tides deposit,
Bubbles all over the shore!
What a mouse, what a monarch,
I’m in charge!