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"I’ve tried everything I could. What else can I do, but mourn my loss."
— Wilford B. Wolf

Wilford B. Wolf is a character from the Minerva Mink cartoon "Moon Over Minerva," who has a huge crush on Minerva herself. This attraction is not reciprocated until she learns of a more appealing side to him under moonlight, where he transforms into a werewolf. Wilford was voiced by actor Peter Scolari in both his nerdy form and his hunky form.


Wilford is a blue-furred wolf with grey hair, that usually appears as a very geeky looking Wolf, who has a thin top and neck and a large stomach. He has large blue pants that presumably raise above his waist. He wears a red bow tie around his thin neck, and very thick glasses that make his eyes look very small. His fur is a gray-ish blue, and looks somewhat shabby.

As a werewolf, he transforms every full moon and becomes taller and more muscular with a well-defined built and long flowing hair. Akin to how Minerva's beauty makes all men swoon over her, Wilford becomes equally if not more handsome, making all women swoon over him. His glasses disappear but he maintains his blue pants and bow. Additionally, Wilford's eyes are able to glow and his voice also becomes deeper. He becomes filled with more self-confidence, taking the sight of Minerva in stride.


Wilford appears in the last Minerva Mink cartoon "Moon Over Minerva" when he tried to ask Minerva on a date. This unfortunately doesn't go well, she refuses to go out with him since he's a geek.

On the night of the full moon, he was howling sadly near her home. Annoyed, Minerva decides to come out and tell him to go away, but finds something much different-- Wilford has transformed into a stronger, taller werewolf who is adored by the entire forest. As she swoons over him, she doesn't realize that it's Wilford, and instead thinks it's the dream man she's been hoping for. Later in the end when Minerva asked Wilford what kind of wolf he is, he revealed to be a werewolf, she then asked when the next full moon and he explains every 28 days, in which she replies "Good things are worth waiting for."


  • Whenever Wilford transform back into his geek form, his glasses reappeared, and his ripped pants become un-ripped again.
  • If one sorts the cartoons in production order, then Wilford is the 2nd character Minerva has fallen in love with; the first was Trudy's cousin in "Meet Minerva."
  • In most fan content, Wilford and Minerva are often seen as a couple, inspired by their interactions at the end of "Moon Over Minerva."