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The World's Finest Peaches Can is a discarded tin can that was the childhood home of The Brain, and the subconscious reason why he wants to take over the world. He lived here with his parents.


Worlds Finest Peaches Can Logo

The logo on the can.

The can is gray and slightly rusty, and is located in a field. It is big enough to fit at least three mice. The interior is slightly dark. The outside of the can is decorated with the logo of "World's Finest Peaches," which also features a globe of the Earth.



Brain spent his early childhood in the rusty tin can with his parents. He used to play in the field outside nearby. One day, he was taken away from the can by scientists from Acme Labs. ("Leggo My Ego"-)

Pinky and the Brain

As Brain grew older, he had seemingly forgotten about the can, as he had blocked out the trauma of being taken away. However, the can didn't entirely leave him. All Brain could remember was a picture of an Earth globe on the exterior. This left him subconsciously wanting his world back, which helped shape his desires to literally take over the world.

Given Brain's parents' own arrival to ACME Labs and eventual move to Florida, it can be inferred that they left the can. ("The Visit")

A failed scheme to hypnotize Sigmund Freud ended up turning into a therapy session for Brain, which helped reveal the truth to Brain's megalomaniacal desires. Brain briefly considers the notion of wanting to return to "a rusty tin can," but he denies this and ultimately dismisses Freud as a quack. ("Leggo My Ego")


Pinky and the Brain


  • Additional traumatic experiences that contributed to Brain's megalomaniacal desires include the general experimentation he had faced at ACME Labs, which are explored in "Leggo My Ego," and even further in the Animaniacs reboot cartoon "Roadent Trip." The experiments instilled in him a loss of control and a desire to gain control back.
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