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"Yakko's Big Song" is a song from the episode "Yakko's Big Idea," in which an improvising Yakko pitches several exoplanets as travel destinations.


Yakko Warner:
You see…
Not long ago, we didn't know if we were all alone
Was there a dearth of other earths in the habitable zone?
Then the Kepler Telescope found new hope in the Milky Way
So why not try the cosmic sky for your next holiday?
In fact there's one that's super fun, just a few light years away
Where one full year will disappear in four-point-two Earth days
So if there's only one place you've got space and time to see
Then be astounded by the first we found, it's planet Pegasi 51-B!
Before you go, you ought to know, it's kind of tough to get around
Because the planet's really gassy- there's no land or solid ground
Clouds of methane meet sulfuric rain, and when those are combined
The air that you'll be breathing there will smell like gas of another kind
Gas, no good? Alright, gas isn't everyone's cup of tea.
That's fine. But what about one with aliens?
Lady and gentle-boy, I give you Kepler-186F!
Okay, I jest, I kinda guessed whether E.T.s are alive
But this hip spot has got the lot for aliens to live and thrive
If there's water here, it's crystal clear, and not too hot or cold
And it may contain amazing veins of pure and flawless gold!
Its sun is dying and amplifying all the harmful cosmic rays
And the planet's visage is forever barraged with all these brutal gamma waves
If any E.T.s were alive, none would survive the radiation
So it'd be astute to pack a hazmat suit for this hot new destination
Okay, so the radiation's also a deal breaker, is it?
Okay, well, it's good to know.
Hmm... alright, I got it!
And at lucky last, you can't look past this place that shouldn't be missed
It's always sunny, there's magic puppies, and homework doesn't exist
The sailing's dandy, the ocean's candy, you can fly a broom
But do not fear because the atmosphere will smell like sweet perfume
And astronomers claim that video games have been built into every crater
Why not play Asteroids all day and order pizza from an alien waiter?
Or try a shopping spree 'cause everything is free, and bedtime's not till eleven
WB-1, the home of fun
Welcome to cosmic heaveeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEN!


  • The first two planets are real exoplanets discovered in the late 2010s: 51 Pegasi b and Kepler-186f.
  • When Yakko flies to WB-1, his spaceship is the same one he used in "Yakko's Universe."
  • While Yakko is playing the arcade game and sings "Why not play Asteroids all day," the animation and Yakko's pose are nearly identical to a scene from "Wakko's America."