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"Yakko's Countries of the Early 19th Century" is a song from the episode "Wakkiver Twist," in which Yakko Warner sings a 19th century version of his famous "Yakko's World" in order to collect coins.

The song is, as stated, a parody of "Yakko's World," and serves as the only song in the "Wakkiver Twist" sketch that is not based on a tune from Oliver!.


In this episode, the Warners are parodying Oliver Twist and must collect coins so that Wakko can get his gruel. Yakko decides to sing a time-period-compliant version of his famous song Yakko's World in order to collect coins, distracting the wealthy townsfolk and allowing the other pickpockets to steal from them.


Yakko Warner:
Great Britain and Prussia, the Empire of Russia,
Two Sicilies, Sulu, Siam
The Papal States, Zululand, Persian Empire,
and Jolof, Kaabu, and Bhutan
Ashanti and Tooro, Punjab and Bunyoro,
Holy Roman Empire is gone,
Dahomey, Bukhara, Selangor, Bambara,
The Ottomans, Parma, and Kong
There's Brunswick, Bavaria, Central America,
Schleswig and Saxe-Coburg-Gotha?
Archduchy of Austria, next Queen Victoria
Goodbye, the Empire Maratha
China's Empire of Qing, Bhutan calls Norbu King
The lovely Free City of Bremen
The Afghani Emirate, Aden Protectorate
That's what they used to call Yemen!
Kingdoms Gomma and Khiva, Limmu-Ennarea
The Sultanates Maldives, Perak...

(the scene transitions at this point; the song fades out, leaving the rest of it unknown)


  • Dahomey and Bhutan are the only countries returning from the original Yakko's World.
  • The line "Holy Roman Empire is gone" might be a reference to the line "the Spanish Sahara is gone" from the original Yakko's World.
  • The song and the map Yakko uses contain numerous errors, at least fewer than Yakko's World:
    • The map used in wide shots (such as at the beginning) appears to be based on the map from the original Yakko's World (shown in the beginning, when Yakko dances between the music and at the end), inheriting numerous errors from it such as the larger distance between North America and Europe (although not the double Icelands) and the more southerly placement of Australia and New Guinea as well as the tip of the Antarctican continent is shown. This also leads to many of the modern-day borders from that map being preserved, particularly in Asia and Africa.
    • Interestingly, on the wide-shot map, there appears to be a giant Great Britain in the place of mainland Europe.
    • Several areas appear to be colored as bodies of water when they shouldn't be and vice versa. For example, Mongolia is drawn as a lake, there are two tiny lakes in the middle of Germany that don't exist in real life, and the Baltic Sea is colored as its own country.
    • On the close-up map, Scotland and Ireland are completely missing.
    • Most of Southeast Europe, including Greece and northern Anatolia, is shown as part of the Russian Empire, even though those areas were never part of Russia.
    • When Yakko sings "Prussia", he instead points at a large country to the west of it, which appears to be the German Confederation (which is not shown to include several territories that it held in real life, such as Austria and the aforementioned Prussia, which are shown separately), although this country includes modern-day Netherlands and Belgium, which were not part of the Confederation.
    • Yakko mentions the Archduchy of Austria, which ceased to exist in 1806 along with the Holy Roman Empire, which, according to him, is "gone".
    • Yakko mentions Bhutan twice, first between Kaabu and Ashanti, and second after Qing China (where he adds that they "call Norbu King").
      • Although Bhutan was ruled by Dorji Norbu from 1838 to 1850, he was actually an administrative ruler with the non-hereditary title of Druk Desi, rather than a king. Monarchy wasn't established in Bhutan until 1907, and none of it's kings since than has been called Norbu.
    • Several of the countries Yakko sings are not shown as separate countries on the map, these being:
      • The Papal States, Zululand, Jolof, Kaabu, Bhutan, Ashanti, Tooro, Punjab, Bunyoro, Dahomey, Bukhara, Selangor, Bambara, Parma, Kong, Brunswick, Bavaria, Schleswig, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, the Free City of Bremen, Gomma, Khiva, Limmu-Ennarea, the Maldives, and Perak.