Yakko, Wakko, and Dot


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Central Characters Yakko Warner, Wakko Warner, Dot Warner,
Dr. Scratchansniff, Hello Nurse,
Ralph T. Guard, Thaddeus Plotz,
Nora Rita Norita
First Episode De-Zanitized
Total Episodes 112 (Cartoons: 90)

The main segment of Animaniacs, Yakko, Wakko, and Dot (aka The WB Kids) focuses on the exploits of the Warner siblings as they run amok throughout their home of Warner Bros. Pictures, where they cause mischief and troubles for studio management, and the many productions being filmed there. Whenever they can, they'll provide commentary on some of the many industry trends, people, and franchises currently dominating the pop-culture landscape.

History of the Warner Brothers (And Warner Sister!)

In a last minute effort to get some laughs out of an in-production Buddy cartoon, a Termite Terrace artist cranked out the Warners on the night of February 30, 1929. After a failed cartoon contract that resulted in the Warners having complete freedom resulting in chaos on the Warner Bros. movie lot, security trapped them inside their water tower and the company disavowed any knowledge of their existence to the public until their escape 60 years later. Since then, despite ongoing efforts by management and studio psychiatrist Dr. Scratchansniff to "dezanitize" them, the Warners have continued to be unstoppable, going wherever and whenever they pleased.


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  • The Monkey Song (Episode 1)
  • Yakko's World/Cookies for Einstein (Episode 2)
  • Wheel of Morality
  • Tower Escapes
  • H.M.S. Yakko / Yakko's Universe (Episode 3)
  • Hooked on a Ceiling (Episode 4)
  • Taming of the Screwy (Episode 5)
  • Temporary Insanity / Flipper Parody (Episode 6)
  • Piano Rag (Episode 7)
  • Garage Sale of the Century (Episode 12)
  • Hello Nice Warners (Episode 13)
  • La La Law (Episode 14)
  • The Great Wakkorotti: The Master and His Music (Episode 16)
  • Roll Over Beethoven (Episode 17)
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream (Episode 25)
  • Babblin' Bijou / Potty Emergency / Sir Yaksalot (Episode 26)
  • Draculee, Dracula (Episode 29)
  • Hot, Bothered and Bedeviled (Episode 30)
  • The Great Wakkorotti: The Summer Concert (Episode 31)
  • Clown and Out (Episode 34)
  • Baghdad Cafe (Episode 35) (with Slappy Squirrel in place of Dot)
  • The Three Muska-Warners (Episode 36)
  • Alas, Poor Skullhead (Episode 39)
  • Fair Game (Episode 40)
  • The Senses Song (Episode 44)
  • Mary Tyler Dot (Episode 45)
  • Turkey Jerky (Episode 46)
  • The Goodbye Song (Episode 47)
  • Lake Titicaca (Episode 48)
  • Very Special Opening / A Christmas Plotz / Little Drummer Warners (Episode 49)
  • Twas the Day Before Christmas / The Great Wakkorotti: The Holiday Concert (Episode 50)
  • The Warners and the Beanstalk (Episode 51)
  • Ups and Downs (Episode 52)
  • Drive-Insane and I'm Cute (Episode 53)
  • Schnitzelbank (Episode 56)
  • The Warners' 65th Anniversary Special (Episode 65)
  • Cutie and the Beast / Noel (Episode 84)


  • De-Zanitized (Episode 1)
  • King Yakko (Episode 10)
  • No Pain, No Painting (Episode 11)
  • Space-Probed (Episode 15)
  • Hearts of Twilight (Episode 20)
  • Hercule Yakko (Episode 25)
  • O Silly Mio (Episode 31)
  • Hiccup (Episode 33)
  • The Return of Wakkorotti / The Big Wrap Party Tonight (Episode 82)




  • Nearly every animation studio that has worked on a production in the Animaniacs franchise has animated at least one Yakko, Wakko and Dot-related cartoon (with the exception of Rough Draft Studios, Inc. and Giant Ant).
  • Episodes 38, 54, 58, 63, 67, 68, 83, 90, and 98 do not include Yakko, Wakko, and Dot segments.
  • Tom Ruegger's sons inspired The WB Kids.

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