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General Quotes[]

  • "No! NO! I'm the one who yaks! I've got a rakish charm about me!"
    - The Cutening
  • (Sarcastically) "Yeah, Wakko. Because America has too much high-capacity shoe violence." - "Bun Control."
  • "Goodnight, everybody!" - Yakko's most popular quote.
  • "So is that Mr. Tidy bowl man. Are you related?....."You know, you can talk your head off all day and never miss it."-Morning Malaise
  • "Ha ha ha! Thank you, thank you you're too kind. Hey how bout that lady in the lake? How long can she hold her breath?"-Sir Yaksalot
  • "Not if you can keep a night light turned on. Thank you I'll be here for Tuesday!"-Star Warners
  • "And nighty night Wakko's underwear!"- Nighty-Night Toon
  • "Come on."
  • "Just one little kiss, I have all my shots!"-Space-Probed
  • "Oh don't worry about me, I'll find someone to romp with.....(show girls show up) I love cartoons!"-Take My Siblings, Please
  • "Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss Banana Folana!"-Cutie and the Beast
  • "Come on, let's go and enter into this dark and spooky forest.....but if we don't we will face the fate worse than death…that‘s right, an another song by Dot!"-Cutie and the Beast
  • "You're awfully cute when you're angry....."-I'm Cute
  • "Come on one more romp I'll even get in the front this time! Well, it was fun while it lasted."-Take my siblings please."
  • "No I didn't!"-I'm Mad
  • "Uhhhhhh…"
  • "RIGHT!"
  • "Hello, nurse!"
  • "Our new special friend."
  • "Okay Saladbar, have it your way, but we know the secrets to the star that you don't."-Wakko's Wish
  • (While shaking Dot's hand) "Your brother and I just couldn't be prouder." - Cutie and the Beast
  • "Like that won't do any good."-The Cold Ending
  • "Rob Paulsen as Yakko. Huh, yeah, right."-The Cold Ending
  • "When do you not have a date?"-The Cold Ending
  • "Timmy and Lassie"-Cutie and the Beast
  • "Now don't forget flea ridden."-Cutie and the Beast
  • "Gimme that I saw it first!"(After James Bond told the Warners to take the flame pen and Wakko agreed)-From Burbank with Love
  • "No it's not, your leg was in my spot!"-I'm Mad
  • "You mean, this is all we're all gonna spend the day?"-I'm Mad
  • "Hi there. You know Bob Hulk drive your golf cart like that. He runs over gophers in Griffin Park."-From Burbank with Love
  • (calmly) Awe funny money. Say it soft and it sounds like spring time. Say it loud and it sounds like.....(then chanting with Wakko)......FUNNY MONEY! HEY FUNNY MONEY!"-From Burbank with Love
  • "Warner. Yakko Warner. Ooooh nice tuxedo. Hey were you at the Emmy awards?"-From Burbank with Love
  • "Hi, were from White House Intelligence. Now there's a contradiction in terms."-From Burbank with Love
  • "Yeah P we're U.S government employees. We haven't got all day to goof off you know......annoying aren't we?"-From Burbank with Love
  • "Maybe it's P.U......That name stinks!"-From Burbank with love
  • "I guess he hasn't seen our act!"-Magic Time
  • "Wow, dumber than advertised." (also said by Dot)
  • "Hi I'm a pretty girl, how‘s it going?"-Magic Time
  • (talking to the criminal mastermind)"Here's a little hat for ya. Say, I was wondering if you reeeeally want to press that button?.....(then talking Wakko on the phone) Guess what? He really wants to push the button..........(back to talking to the criminal mastermind) Well if your mind's made up, there's not much I can do. Go ahead and press that button, Lobe."-From Burbank with Love
  • "You know Wakko, just because something‘s new, doesn't mean it's better. Everyone likes your old gookie. You should be proud of that and not wanna change it just to come up with something new."-Wakko's New Gookie

Video Games[]

  • "Don't look now, sibs. But I think we're in a computer game, and there's a player out there." - Animaniacs Game Pack
  • "So, you think this is a good time for me to mention that I don't have a driver's license?" - Animaniacs Game Pack
  • "It's anvil time!" - Animaniacs Game Pack
  • (After Baloney passes out) "Works every time." - Animaniacs Game Pack
  • (Taking damage) "No airbags!" - Animaniacs Game Pack
  • "I'm just getting warmed up! Heigh-ho!" - Animaniacs: Ten Pin Alley
  • "And now for something completely different!" - Animaniacs: Ten Pin Alley
  • (After picking up an apple and regaining health) "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." - Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt
  • "Whoah. Either someone had some nasty garlic for lunch or we are in bi-hi-hig trouble." - Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt