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Yakkov, Wakkov, and Dotski are the Russian bootleg counterparts of Yakko, Wakko, and Dot Warner, debuting in "Anima-Nyet". They star in the show-within-a-show of the same name.

Fred Tatasciore, Kevin Michael Richardson and Maurice LaMarche provide the voices of Yakkov, Wakkov and Dotski, respectively.

Physical appearance[]

The trio are bearded Russian men wearing outfits in the Warner siblings' likenesses with Russian hats. Dotski is significantly taller and more muscular than Yakkov and Wakkov. Wakkov's hat position is different than Wakko. Only Yakkov wears white gloves.


The trio are obedient and always follow the director, Serge Sokolov's orders, as they directly support Russian leader Vladmir Putin. Off set, they are often miserable with the general feeling of oppression.

Dotski is the de facto leader, often directing Yakkov and Wakkov to do what is right, often things that support Putin.


  • The spelling of Yakkov and Wakkov's names is debatable, as they were listed as "Yakov" and "Wakov" in the end credits, however the title card to Wakkov's Territories of Russian Federation spells Wakkov's name with two "k"'s.