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There is clips from Animaniacs posted on internet in languanges from thousands of users, If you're one of them, even if you only made a fandub out of Yakko's World, Animaniacs Wikipedia is so thankful for you :)

Brazilian YouTube Redub

Is an internet redub, not fandub! Dubbed on Fala Florianopolis (Formely Florianopolis Falando until 4 December 2018), there is links for intro and yakkos world beta and an unknown clip non beta (complete) Beta Finished clip

Here is dubbers

Yakko: Pietro Ventura

Wakko: Lucas Loreto/Cauã Rocha

Dot: Layane Alves

This dub is new, more informations soon

Is possible that a tv network buy it soon, but we're sure this will never happen

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